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” At 10¼’ by 13½’ (26 x 35 cm) it was larger than most children’s comics then on the news-stands and with half of its 24 pages in full colour it stood out from Fleetway’s black and white comic papers.. Look and Learn, as the new paper was called, was bright, spirited and fun, a weekly for the new generation of children who had grown up in the austere years after the war.

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Jerome’s famous ‘Three Men in a Boat’ The premise of Look and Learn was to delight and inspire the imaginations of its young readers.. For the next twenty years and over a thousand issues, Look and Learn entertained as it educated and is still remembered fondly by parents and grandparents.. Look and Learn was the brainchild of Leonard Matthews, the Director of Juvenile Publications at Fleetway Publications, the London-based publisher whose story papers and comics had entertained children for over seventy years.. Pendekar Trigan atau kemudian dikenal hanya dengan Trigan adalah serial komik fiksi ilmiah Britania Raya yang dalam kebanyakan ceritanya ditulis oleh Mike.. For the most part, Look and Learn would dedicate the front cover to a single painted illustration on a variety of subjects, from famous characters in books to famous dogs in history.

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A photograph of the young Prince of Wales, Charles, dominated the first cover, alongside a painting of the first Charles, Prince of Wales from 300 years earlier.. Look and Learn, however, was a fresh idea from Matthews, who had been with the firm since 1938, gaining experience at every editorial level before being promoted to the company’s board of directors.. Steve Holland, our honorary archivist, has written a detailed history of Look and Learn, as a document.. The paper had, indeed, been designed around the work of famous historical artists like Fortunino Matania, who was able to contribute new artwork to the paper in his final years.. First issue of Look and Learn The first issue, dated 20 January 1962, lived up to its editor’s claim that it was “a treasure house of exciting articles, stories and pictures. Descargar Biblia Reina Valera 1960 De Estudio Pdf Download

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Other articles probed the depths of space for life amongst the stars and below the ground for oil; the story of Parliament was magnificently illustrated across the centre pages; equally superb was the first leg of a trip exploring the history of towns and villages along the road from London to Dover; and for those readers who enjoyed stories as well as history, nature, science and art, there was a feature on Sinbad and the famous author and explorer who had translated his adventures plus the opening chapters of ‘The Children’s Crusade’ by Henry Treece, and Jerome K. Iteleport 6 1 8 Download Free

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Its 24 pages contained a wide range of articles on history, nature, literature, astronomy and art.. While the sheer quality of the paper might have been more appreciated by parents than children, the target audience was also well served: the breadth of coverage in Look and Learn was vast, the writing never dull and the artwork always attractive.. Half its pages were printed in full colour and the paper was beautifully illustrated by some of the best artists of the time.. To advance this principle, the features were clearly and briskly written and illustrated by some of the finest artists of the era resulting in a magazine of unmatched quality.. In January 1962, a brand new paper arrived in newsagents around the UK and across the world.. Elsewhere in this first issue, colour photographs and colour illustrations helped tell the history of Rome and reveal the wonders of nature; you could learn about Vincent van Gogh, the Grand Canyon, how Japanese children celebrated the festival of Shichi go san or how to keep a Basset hound. 34bbb28f04 Muat Turun Borang Rayuan Brim 2017 Facebook Apk Gingerbread


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